• About-us

    Ingenious Africa is a young dynamic company of African engineers that realize your IT projects.

    • Expertise

      We excel in desktop, mobile and web applications development.

      • Success

        We are a growing company because we bring expertise, we serve one purpose, the success of our customers.



  • Mobile developpement

    Mobile developpement

    Mobile devices have matured. With more than 500 smartphones sold worldwide per day, we see emergence of a new market. You can track your customers and respond to their needs.

    To make your mobile application a success, we support you for thinking of your mobile strategy development, deployment.

    We develop mainly on the Google Android platform.

    • Web Developpement

      Web Developpement

      Our engineers create visual and interactive websites. If you wish we can offer hosting solutions at an affordable price.
      Ingenious Africa offers to set up your website, since the study of your needs, creating custom, to hosting and maintaining your site. Our developers, designers and technicians will provide a quality service.

      You want to manage the content of your site? Ingenious Africa justifies a good experience with the content manager widely used in the world which is  WordPress. We can put your dynamic site online very quickly.

      • Software developpement

        Software developpement

        In Ingenious Africa, we use a flexible, proven methodology to ensure compliance with the specifications of our applications and compliance with specifications. Members have many years of experience in development with different languages ??like Java, C #.

        Ingenious in Africa, the management of all our projects is in Switzerland following the method and accuracy of the well-known Swiss and development is done in Togo. The diversity of culture is an asset.



  • Vitroceram


    Vitroceram is an application that allows you to simulate the use of a plate vitroceram on your Android phone. Rather close to reality with a little fun sound effects, you will not have any difficulty in using it. But do not touch the hot plate, you might be burned.

    Among the features you can:

    • Turn on and off with the plate
    • Plaque Interaction
    • Sound effects

    • Jeu lecture

      Jeu lecture

      This game is a program for children who find reading. The child sees and hears the prononciation of the word . Thereafter, he must reform the word syllable by syllable. This game is a combination of reading and a memory game.


      • Proverbes


        Even the fish that live in the water is always thirsty.

        African proverb is a collection of sayings of African wise you can receive every day. If you too would like to have the soul of a wise African that can quote proverbs to support your words then this app is for you.


        •      Showing proverbs
        •      Set the interval for changing proverbs.
        •      Up-to-date common proverbs.
        •      Share proverbs

        • WhoIsIt?


          WhoIsIt?, is an application of automatic assignment of customized ringtones for each contact on an Android smartphone.

          Smartphone users use a ringtone. To customize their ringtones user must know some tricks. These tips are a little hard to follow for non-experienced users. If they sometimes arrive to customize the ringtone of some contacts, it is difficult for them to do it automatically and individually for each contact.
          An application of automatic and individual ringtone assignment to contacts remains the best way to facilitate and make available the ringtone customisation of contacts for all users of an Android smartphone.
          WhoIsIt? Automatically associate ringtones to contacts based on:

          • Name
          • Sex (or civility).
          • Location (or country)

          Thus, you can know your caller either by name or by country or sex even before your phone.

          • Web project

            Web project

            • Realization of a plannings management application(security guards and sites) for private security company.
            • Realization of a website for the Metro Taxi.



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